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Story Box

Imagine an entire library in a small… box!

Story Box is precisely that! A Library-in-a-Box.

Story Box dispenses short engaging content, at the press of a button. In its standard form, it houses thousands of engaging and enriching short stories, poems, interesting facts, puzzles and large books. Content is regularly added, remotely.

Easy access to engaging short content encourages more children to read, who otherwise may be intimidated by the process of borrowing or buying books. Story Box thus works as an anchor for a school’s reading activities, or even as a substitute for a traditional library.

A Story Box can be placed in a variety of places. Any place that needs a library, where there is a waiting time, or a gathering of people will benefit from a Story Box.

There is ample research indicating that a pleasure reading habit improves both the quality of life and the academic performance of children. Similarly, research suggests that reading reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's and Dementia in grown-ups.

Story Box allows that 5-10 minutes of deep reading, the time that may otherwise have gone in aimless distractions.

If you would like to know more or would like to schedule a demo, please feel free to reach out us.

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Story Box

Library in a Box Flyer

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Kinetic Wind Sculptures are large structure which move on account of the surrounding breeze. The aerodynamic forces that spin a wind sculpture are the same ones that help kites and airplanes fly!

Kinetic wind installations are expertly manufactured to ensure that even the slightest breeze makes them move.

These robust, metallic models are creatively designed. We have fluttering butterflies, chimes tinkling, leaves swirling and spinning squares!

They can be placed in traffic islands and public parks. University campuses or even residential communities.

They have the ability to revitalize the locations they are placed and offer a beautiful sight to passers-by.

The price for each wind sculpture depends on the size and complexity of its design.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a discussion.

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Wind sculptures spin with grace at Hyderabad's Sanjeevaiah Park

Giant Wind Chimes

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Science Models

Experiential, hands-on learning complements the academic learning that acquired through text books and classrooms. Concrete experience gained through exploration at one’s own pace results in the learner understanding the concepts better and retaining the knowledge for a longer time.

We build science and maths installations with an emphasis on classical mechanics, optics, sound, and basic concepts of maths.

The installations are robust, can withstand rough handling, and require limited maintenance.

We also run a hands-on science playground, DoScience in Hyderabad. Please look up for details.

The cost of each science model depends on the size and complexity of its design.

The price for each science model depends on the size and complexity of its design.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a discussion.

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Come... Let's DoScience

This NGO is dissolving the walls of a class room

The dream world of children... Do Science Center

Invisible Statues

Invisible statues are attractive structures which you cannot really see.

The surface area of the sculpture reduces when seen from specific angles. This causes the sculpture to magically disappear!

They are intricately designed and expertly fabricated. A whole host of different shapes and designs can be made into invisible statues.

The price of an invisible statue varies from each design, talking into account its complexity.

The price for each invisible statue depends on the size and complexity of its design.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a discussion.

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Invisible Statues


About Us

Library Solutions and DoScience - Bookmark Projects Trust ( ) work with the objective of creating innovative, informal learning avenues in public spaces.

Our range of products include Story Box – a unique Library-in-a-Box, public installations and informal learning tools. We price our products responsibly, so that more can benefit. We also offer lower pricing for socially impactful projects. Please reach out to us for a discussion.

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